No need to worry about the Grinch stealing your family's Christmas, he is spending the holiday behind bars in the Anoka County jail.

The Anoka County Sheriff's Office Facebook page shared that they don't normally post arrested individuals on their page, but the Grinch has been caught and is being kept through Christmas:

At approximately 2:06 P.M. on Monday, December 12, 2022, deputies with the Anoka County Sheriff's Office arrested a well known menace to the holiday season. For too long, he has disguised himself as Santa Claus, and then breaks into homes to steal everything.

Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart shared in the post online that he hopes the suspect may find the opportunity to pause, reflect and allow his heart to grow and embrace the Christmas spirit.

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Anoka County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Anoka County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Poor Mr. Grinch. Spending Christmas in jail makes for a great premise of a country song but it's no way to spend the actual holiday. Hopefully his heart quickly grows three sizes and he realizes that Christmas isn't about stuff, but instead about the spirit of love and giving.

Also, I really hope they organized for someone to take care of Max while the Grinch is locked up. Or at least give the poor dog enough Who-hash to survive the holiday season.

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