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Despite the pandemic, many parents still plan on spending quite a bit of money on back-to-school shopping this year. A survey was done recently by TopCashback.com. They asked different questions about back-to-school shopping including how much people plan to spend.

Respondents were asked, "How much do you plan on spending per child" on back-to-school shopping. These are the top four responses:

45% said they will spend $101 to $500 per child
24% said $51 to $100
14% said $0 to $50
11% said $501 to $1,000

This means that 56% of parents surveyed in the US said they are going to spend $101 or more (up to $1,000 in some cases!) per child for this coming school year. I do not have children and I realize that back to school shopping can be very expensive but I feel like $1,000 per child is A LOT.

Also in this survey, parents were asked how they plan to save money during back-to-school shopping. These are the top four responses:

88% said shopping sales
77% said using a cashback website
70% said using coupons
47% said reusing last year's supplies

And finally, because I'm curious, let's take a look at how people responded to this question: "What is the most important item on your back-to-school shopping list?" Here are the top four responses:

32% said school supplies
27% said technology/appliances
17% said new clothes and shoes
16% said safety necessities, like a mask and hand sanitizer

What's the most important thing on your back-to-school shopping list? How do you save money during back-to-school shopping? Do you think that spending close to $1,000 per child is a lot or does that seem like a normal number? You can chat with us and let us know what you think on our free app!