Attention would-be criminals! Steele County Sheriff Lon Thiele has a free tip for you in the latest Behind the Steele Star publication. If you plan on fleeing law enforcement, don't leave your property behind in the vehicle. One such person was recently apprehended rather easily after law enforcement found not only his Minnesota driver's license but a cell phone that matched information from the license, a hat, and a 'white crystal substance' inside a small baggie inside the abandoned vehicle.

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According to Behind the Steele Star's November 16th edition, on October 6th a Steele County road deputy attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding on Highway 14 near 74th Ave. The driver of the vehicle decided to press their luck and not stop for the deputy.

The driver continued East and wound up in Dodge County where deputies were able to successfully 'deploy' spike strips in order to incapacitate the fleeing vehicle. The spike strips did their job as the front passenger tire on the fleeing vehicle was came off shortly after hitting the strips.

The vehicle, now a tricycle, entered into the ditch and continued about '50 feet into a cornfield'. It was at this time the suspected driver fled the scene of the pursuit and crash. When officers looked through the vehicle for clues to as who might have been operating the vehicle deputies came across a cell phone, hat, and Minnesota driver's license that 'matched information on the cell phone' for an unidentified 28-year-old male.

The suspected driver also left behind a small bag, not containing a gift or an apology note for not stopping, but a white crystal substance.

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