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Have you noticed a lack of mosquitos in Rochester? That's awesome, but sad news; it won't last.

A woman scratching her itchy mosquito bite. Tropical climate danger.
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Back in early April, Jessica Williams wrote and shared the mosquito forecast...

Pests.org just released their "forecast" for how many mosquito bites Minnesotans should anticipate scratching this year and unfortunately for us, it is NOT good news.  Here's what they are predicting for this nasty blood-sucker:

  • Blood sucking season (aka mosquito season) starts in early April to late May - whenever the temperatures go above 50 degrees for about a week.
  • How bad will the mosquitos be this year?  Unfortunately, due to the temps and the fact that it is predicted we will have a warmer and wetter summer, the mosquitos are going to love us even more.  Pests.org is predicting that we will see a "slightly above-average mosquito population" this summer.
  • When will it end?  The swatting of mosquitoes will end somewhere around the beginning to middle of October.
Thermometer Sun high Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures
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The hot summer weather with no rain has made us kind of miserable, but it's also vastly reduced the number of places with standing water, and standing water is a mosquito factory.

According to the National Weather Service the entire state is classified as abnormally dry. Some rivers are at near record-low levels. Here in Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota, we're at least two inches below normal rainfall.

But that is almost certainly going to change between now and the end of July (when we normally get about 4 inches of rain), so prepare for a mosquito parade by that point.

How Do I Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching?

So you get bit, and you're scratching to beat the band. STOP! There's ways to stop that itch, and if you can handle 60 seconds, here's what Dr. Jonathan Oliver, the U of M's Mosquito Expert, recommends...

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While the mosquito population is low, get out and explore Rochester!

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