When I was in college, at Concordia in Moorhead, MN, there was a guy there who was known as "shorts guy". He wore shorts every single day. Did not matter if it was -20 below, in the middle of a blizzard, he'd continue wearing them. My friends and I always thought it a bit amusing considering he was from somewhere down south like Alabama or Florida (I honestly don't remember) where they rarely get snow.

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To date that is one of the more "amusing" or wackier things I have seen in the winter. It's something I wouldn't do myself, but hey more power to you if you can get away with it! That's kind of how I feel about this guy seen down by the Twin Cities yesterday (Tuesday) after getting about six inches of snow.

Like anything that is seen as unusual, it inspired plenty of amusing comments on the reddit post like:

Plus several others, as you can imagine. But there was someone who knew the guy, sharing;

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Love this guy. He lives in my neighborhood, he unicycles plenty of miles every day, year-round. Nicest dude to talk to. I saw him take off this morning...glad to see he's still ripping safely today!

Apparently, he does it quite a bit and for some it's not uncommon to see him unicycling around. For those of us who don't see it all the time, might have to agree with Suitable_Pickles5547:

To which, yes, there was a response with something just as wacky/amusing or maybe more so?

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