Were you able to get outside and take advantage of our incredible weather this past weekend? We used our time to do some DIY projects in our backyard.

We've been wanting to move our garden for a few years now. We fenced in our backyard when we moved in, but found the fence now limits the amount of sun the garden plot the previous owners put in receives.

So, we decided to put in two raised garden beds in a different part of the yard, and then level out and reseed the area where the garden originally was located.

Two trips to Menards and one to the Hy-Vee garden center later, we're done. Well, kind of. We still need to fill the new beds with soil. And clean out the flower beds. And rake the yard. And then plant the garden...

At least I switched the garage around for summer, putting away the snowblower and getting out the lawn mower and cart!


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