Well, Super Bowl 51 was quite the game last night, and both Lady Gaga and Luke Bryan did incredible jobs as well. Overall, I wasn't quite as impressed with all the commercials, though, except for this one.

Yes, it's the NFL Super Bowl Baby Legends commercial. Now, for me, this is a bit of an unusual pick, in that I'm a wee bit tired of the NFL. Don't get me wrong, I still watch the games (rooting for my Green Bay Packers, of course), but the league-- comprised of billionaire owners and millionaire players-- and it's continual promotion of how important it thinks it is-- is starting to wear thin on me a bit.

But I will say this promo, which features various babies dressed as classic NFL stars from Super Bowls gone by, is pretty funny. I especially like the kid they've dressed up as Patriots coach Bill Belicheck-- he has that classic scowl down perfectly! (He appears at :16 seconds in)

Did you catch this one when it aired last night? Check it out...


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