Winter is in full swing and now, the National Weather Service has upped the chances of a La Niña winter.

According to the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center, we now have a ninety-five percent chance of seeing a La Niña winter event. The chances of us having a La Niña winter have slowly increased since the idea was first introduced back in September of this year.

A La Niña winter means a more intense winter season than usual, which is saying quite a bit for us here in the Northland! We can expect cooler temperatures than usual and above-average snowfall. A La Niña winter also means we will see more frequent arctic outbreaks than usual, too.

According to the National Weather Service, the La Niña winter has a strong chance of continuing into spring of 2021 as well. As of now, they are forecasting a sixty-five percent chance that the characteristics of a La Niña winter will continue from March through May. This won't be too hard for us, as we usually see cold temperatures and snowfall until that point anyway.

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In the meantime, before winter really picks up, it looks like we will enjoy a pretty mild month of December for the most part. The National Weather Service of Duluth released their December outlook and the Northland is looking at above-average temperatures and near-normal precipitation.

As for the Old Farmer's Almanac, they are predicting a very snowy December with periods of very cold temperatures across the Northland.

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