One of the top reasons why people break their diet is time. Everyone is busy and sometimes fast food is the only option. Unfortunately, fast food isn't always the healthiest choice. A Minnesota based chain decided to change that by offering superfood bowls for those on the go.

Nautical Bowls is coming to Rochester with two locations planned for the Med-City. Their goal is to provide quick healthy options for people on the go. On their site they explain how they combine "superfood bowls with an uplifting atmosphere, giving you energy to live a full life"

What is Nautical Bowls?


According to their website, "A Nautical Bowl is a superfood packed meal that is full of unique textures and flavors that make each and every bite a new experience"



Their bowls are "are all natural, dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients for your life!"

They say all of their bowls are made in 2 minutes or less.

Why Is It Called Nautical Bowls?


This chain was founded here in Minnesota and like a lot of Minnesotans the founders love lake life. Each store's décor and menu has a nautical theme.

Where Will Nautical Bowls Be Located in Rochester Minnesota?


The Twin-Cities based chain says they are opening two locations in Rochester Minnesota. One will be located at 18th Ave NW & 55th St NW and the second Nautical Bowls will be located at 230 20th Ave SW.

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When Will Nautical Bowls Open in Rochester Minnesota?


The owners hope to have both locations up and running in Rochester by late spring or early summer. To learn more about Nautical Bowls and to see their full menu click here.

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