Looks like something new might be going in the old Shopko South Store in Rochester, Minnesota!

One of the vacant buildings that has really bothered me this past year is the old Shopko South store.  It's been looking run down and the empty vibe it gives off just isn't a good thing for Rochester, Minnesota.  It just makes our town look sad sitting there alone and empty.  According to some permits that were filed, it may be a happy-looking building again soon.


Here's What I Know:

According to the permit filed on June 7th, 2021, a plan is in review for the following work to be done at 2820 Broadway Ave. South in Rochester, which is the old Shopko South building.

  • Tenant improvement of the existing Shopko South building. Exterior refresh with new main entry, interior remodel with demolition of a portion of the mezzanine, new lighting and RTU's. (At Home Store)
Credit: Google
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What is an At Home Store?

Since I already know what you are thinking, I did some Googling to figure out what an At Home Store is, cause this is the first I'm hearing of it too.  Here's the rundown based on my 2 minute Google research: this store will have furniture, decor and pillows, rugs, curtains, wall decor, kitchen and dining items, bed and bathroom accessories, items for storage and cleaning, outdoor and also seasonal items.  You can take a peek at their website here if you'd like to start browsing.

In other words, an At Home Store sounds like a Shopko.  No wonder they like this building!

How many At Home Stores are in Minnesota now?

Looks like Rochester's store will make it #3.  There is currently an At Home Store in Burnsville and another one in Blaine.

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Remember when we asked you what should go in the old Shopko location?

It wasn't that long ago that we were all trying to come up with ideas of what should go in this Shopko store.  People were very creative with their ideas.  If you missed that brainstorming session, just look through the list belowl

10 amazing ideas for what should go in the old Shopko South store

The old Shopko South store has been sitting empty for quite some time - other than a few Halloween costumes being sold for a few months. The outside looks horrible and it is starting to look more like a haunted house than a place that is viable. So, just in case anyone has some cash laying around and a desire to start a new business, here are a few ideas that people in Rochester had for this space.