We're not called The State of Hockey for nothing, right? And now a national film is set to put our hockey obsession in the national spotlight.


If you're a Minnesota native, being a hockey fan is a birthright. Heck, the Wild's Hockey Anthem even says, "We raised with a stick and a pair of skates, on the ice we cut our teeth..." right?

So it's not a surprise that a new motion picture all about Minnesota's hockey obsession is in the works. It's called The Way Of The Warriors: Small Town, Big Dreams, and it's set to start filming in and around Minnesota late this year and next year.

The film's website says its plot centers around a small Minnesota town on the Iron Range where they're REALLY into their local high school hockey team. Its coach isn't having the success the area's used to, so a movement to replace him gets going. Except then, he's dealt some significant news about his health, making the current season possibly his last. Yikes. (Hopefully that isn't a spoiler alert!)

It looks like it could be pretty good. And we're due for a good hockey movie set here in Minnesota, aren't we? Heck, the last one I remember was 'Miracle'-- where Kurt Russell starred as Minnesota's beloved hockey coach, Herb Brooks. And that movie is now 14 years old!

The Way Of The Warriors is currently doing a crowd-sourcing fundraising effort to help get the story filmed, edited and on the big screen. You can get more information about the film HERE.

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