A teenager broke the record for catch and release Northern Pike, while another angler tied the record for Muskie this past summer.

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15-Year-Old Lands State Record Northern Pike

According to a news release from the Minnesota DNR, 15-year-old Brecken Kobylecky of Geneva, Illinois caught a 46 1/4 inch northern pike on June 19th on Basswood Lake, breaking the previous record of 45 1/4 inch Northern Pike caught on Rainy River in 2018.

“We hooked onto a huge pike that was barely hooked, and could hardly land it due to the sheer size and weight of the fish,” Kobylecky said to the DNR. Once the fish was in the boat they carefully took a few photos and measured the pike before releasing the fish back to the open water. “The whole experience went by in a flash but it was an experience of a lifetime I'll never forget,” Kobylecky said.

Kobylecky was fishing with an Ely-based fishing guide and with about 10 minutes left of their final day fishing, they were trolling for pike when he hooked the big one.

Photo from Minnesota DNR
Photo from Minnesota DNR

Minnesota DNR Certifies Muskie That Ties State Record

The Minnesota DNR also certified a 57 1/4 inch Muskie caught on July 23rd on Lake Vermillion by Todd Kirby of Hudson, Wisconsin that tied a 2019 Muskie also caught on Lake Vermilion.

The two muskies are now tied for the state record, and it also proves once again that Lake Vermilion is a top Muskie fishing destination. Kirby said to the DNR that had fished the lake a handful of times and was familiar with small pockets that Muskie seem to inhabit.

“That Friday night we were up against the weather. There was a huge storm front moving through creating extremely unstable conditions. The humidity was high, and storm clouds were building. It was one of those nights that the fish seemed to be super active, our boat had multiple chases, one resulting in a 48 inch fish in the net — at that time my personal best,” Kirby said.

They continued fishing into the night and around 10:30 p.m. he had a large “thud” hit his line hard when his bait was no more than 15 yards from the boat.

“I compared it to reeling in a large moving ‘log’ and after a few dark splashes, she was in the net. Everything just happened so fast!” Kirby said.

Photo from Minnesota DNR
Photo from Minnesota DNR

Kirby and fishing partners John and Will Gavic thought the fish looked 50 inches and were amazed seeing they caught a fish even longer, and one that would earn state record status.

“My bait just so happened to be the one that she ate, but that whole night couldn’t have been possible without the help of John Gavic and Will Gavic. Muskie fishing is a team effort, and when you have a good team on your side, landing a fish of that caliber creates a memory of a lifetime,” Kirby said.

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