Summer is on its way and as we know applying plenty of sunscreen is really important when we're out in the summer sun. But according to a recent study, you're probably applying your sunscreen wrong.

No, it doesn't mean you have to go overboard with the sunscreen, you're just missing some spots!

Researchers at the University of Liverpool did a study to see how people apply their regular sunscreen and how they apply moisturizer with SPF to their face (because most people do one or the other when they go out in the sun). They discovered a couple of things.

First of all, they noticed that their 84 participates all did a better job at applying the regular sunscreen to all areas of their face than if they used the moisturizer with SPF.

The other thing they noticed is that most missed their eyelids and areas around their eyes. The authors of the study wrote, "When applying both sunscreen and moisturizer, the area around the eyes is often missed, particularly near the nose."

So long story short, in order to put on your sunscreen (or moisturizer with SPF) properly make sure you cover the whole face, especially the eyelids and around your eye area. Or get some nice UV-filter sunglasses.


Source: CBS


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