My mom's family farms back in Nebraska and they had a late start to the season this year. The reason... the weather! They won't be harvesting until mid to late October, which hasn't happened in almost 50 years.

One of the iconic symbols of October is a pumpkin. With all the rain we have gotten this year, some have been worried that there might be a shortage of pumpkins this fall. KTTC did some investigating and talked to Fred Kappuaf of Sekapp Orchard about this year's pumpkin crop.

Kappuaf said that planting season was pushed back this year because of the winter we had. He also explained that the crazy rain spell we had a few days ago wet the fields pretty good, but he is expecting them to dry out just fine to harvest. He is predicting that there won't be a shortage of pumpkin this October, but you won't see as many pumpkins out early on. We might have to wait until closer to Halloween to have a better selection of pumpkin crops. That is going to depend on when the pumpkin suppliers decide to havest.

My great uncle told me there isn't an ideal time to harvest. He said the farmer knows the exact time to extract the crop from the Earth for prime sale. I asked him how he knows when it's time, he said... it's his farmer intuition... he just knows! I should have expected that!

Don't worry, friend! There will be enough pumpkin out there so you and your family can carve pumpkins just in time for Halloween.

If you are looking to check out a lot of pumpkins, you can always check out the Minnesota Zoo's Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Trail.

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