Minnesota has once again come in on top of a new list of states that order the most takeout and delivery during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Take a bow, Minnesota... we're number one again! Living here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we're used to be on top (or near the top) of A LOT of national lists, surveys and what have you when it comes to our great quality of life here, right?

Our schools are top-notch. The best hospital in the world calls Rah-Rah-Rochester home. Heck, even our attempt at social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is one of the best. And now, we've just been named the Top State For Takeout And Delivery During COVID-19.

That's right, apparently no other state is supporting their bars and restaurants by ordering takeout and getting delivery than we do here in the North Star State. At least according to the gang over at The Daring Kitchen.com.

According to an email, their survey puts Minnesota firmly on top of their list. So how did they come to this not-so-surprising conclusion? Well, they looked at online activity about takeout and delivery, using "geotagged twitter data in the last month (30 days) tracking tweets about takeout and food delivery across the nation. This includes tweets and hashtags about food delivery services such as #doordash, #ubereats, etc. Over 1 million tweets were tracked," the survey noted.

And Minnesota was first. States like Nebraska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Virginia rounded out the rest of the top five. Perhaps it's not a coincidence, then, that from a similar study, "Minnesota was also found to be one of the top "overeating" states during the outbreak, as many residents turn to the refrigerator to curb boredom," the survey noted. Hmmm... well, what ELSE are we supposed to do, right?!?

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