As someone who was born in North Dakota, let me start off by making one very important point: This moron does not represent all of us North Dakotans. Good lord.

This past weekend, bargoers all across the country dressed up to celebrate Halloween. If you went out, odds are you've seen at least one costume that made you go, “Geez, maybe not the best idea, man.”

On Saturday, the owner of Wild Rice Bar and Grill in Horace, North Dakota was shocked and disgusted when he heard from his employees that a man wearing a Klu Klux Klan costume had spent 36 minutes in his bar. The man, unidentified at the moment, arrived with a group of people on a party bus. Security footage even showed him posing for pictures with other patrons. Due to the crowded bar, employees didn't notice him, or they likely would have thrown him out.

Look, I get that Halloween is often a time to show your humorous side. I’ve admittedly chuckled at some costumes that some people would most likely find offensive. But in a year when the majority of America has been horrified to witness real-life Nazis and white supremacists openly marching throughout our country? Not cool. The lack of self-awareness and tact is mind-boggling. Fingers crossed that some crafty Internet sleuths will be able to track down his identity, because I’m sure his employers would love to know about his taste in fashion. This guy sucks.

Source: Fargo Forum

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