While it was cool and rainy last week and weekend, but our nice weather this week could put the October of 2017 here in Minnesota in some rare company.


According to ABC-6 Meteorologist Cindy Morgan, we could hit high temperatures of at least 70 degrees several days this week! And, those predicted temps, along with yesterday's warm temps could mean that we would have at least four days with highs of at least 70 degrees.

And what would put us in some rare company, when it comes to late October weather in Minnesota. In fact, Cindy said on her Facebook page Tuesday morning that there are only 5 years since 1953 when we've experienced Octobers with at least four days of 70 degree temperatures.

The last one? Yeah, that was back in 1989. I was in college back then at UW-Eau Claire, and while I can remember that fall-- kind of-- I don't really remember October being all that warm.  But I guess it was.

And, while I love me some crisp, cool fall temperatures, I'm not complaining about this stretch of warm weather at all! Here's hoping we join that list!

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