It's the last week of September, yet Olmsted County Emergency Management is already sounding a warning about... winter?!?

Olmsted County Emergency Management (Facebook)
Olmsted County Emergency Management (Facebook)

That's right. Winter. Of course, here in Minnesota, winter's never really all that far from our minds, is it? Heck, we even like to gloat about how hardy we are-- especially when other parts of the country shut down after getting a few flurries.

But is it a little too early even for us Minnesotans to be talking about flurries in the forecast? Well, not really. According to post Tuesday on the Olmsted County Emergency Management's Facebook page, there ARE flurries in the forecast for the Bold North.

Or, at least, parts of it, anyway. Their post said,  "It's happening... #WinterIsComing #PlanAheadand also posted a graphic that showed that yes, flurries are indeed possible in the very north and northwest portions of the state.

Yes, flurries... in September... in Minnesota. Although, that's not the earliest it's snowed here in the Land of 10,000 Soon-to-be-frozen Lakes. As I found out a few weeks ago, snow has actually been recorded in Minnesota as early as August?!? (True story. You can read about it-- if you dare-- HERE.)

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