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As times change, so does the popularity of various baby names, and these names are now in danger of becoming extinct here in Minnesota.

If you're looking to name your baby one of the more trendy names right now, you'll want to avoid choosing any of these names-- because they're so unpopular they're about drop off the radar and soon become a thing of the past.

How does a name become 'extinct'?

The crew over at BabyCenter has been tracking the most popular baby names for nearly 20 years now. They compile a list each year of the hottest, most popular baby names, and according to their research, there are several familiar names that are doing the opposite-- and are in danger of extinction this year.

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Of course, the term 'extinction' sure sounds kind of severe, doesn't it? According to BabyCenter, they consider a name 'extinct' when it drops off the list of the 500 Most Popular Baby Names. (They're not *actually* extinct, of course, like a type of animal might be if it permanently disappears from the earth. There is still the possibility that even these extinct names could make a comeback at some point.)

So which boys' baby names are at risk of going extinct this year?

BabyCenter says the following boys' names have dropped so much that they're now at the bottom of the 500 Most Popular Baby Names-- and could leave the list yet this year.

  • 1. Arjun (down 164 spots)
  • 2. Walter (down 162 spots)
  • 3. Royce (down 138 spots)
  • 4. Khalid (down 138 spots)
  • 5. Rory (down 127 spots)
  • 6. Nehemiah (down 110 spots)
  • 7. Kameron (down 107 spots)
  • 8. Wade (down 94 spots)
  • 9. Kane (down 93 spots)
  • 10. Kian (down 93 spots)

And which girls' baby names are at risk of going extinct this year?

Meanwhile, BabyCenter says the following girls' names have also dropped so much that they're at the bottom of the 500 Most Popular Baby Names-- and could leave the list this year, as well.

  • 1. Hayden (down 203 spots)
  • 2. Ariyah (down 129 spots)
  • 3. Mira (down 129 spots)
  • 4. Kate (down 129 spots)
  • 5. Katherine (down 127 spots)
  • 6. Hana (down 126 spots)
  • 7. Leia (down 122 spots)
  • 8. Joy (down 112 spots)
  • 9. Vanessa (down 111 spots)
  • 10. Alayah (down 102 spots)

Hmm, I don't see my name on the list anywhere, which means it's either still popular or (more likely) already went extinct years ago! Meanwhile, did you know there are some names that you cannot legally use here in Minnesota? Click HERE to see which baby names are banned, and keep scrolling to check out the Most Popular Baby Names.

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