We all know Minnesota is home to 10,000+ lakes, but did you know Minnesota is also home to the fifth-most romantic city in the country?


Just in case you were looking to keep those warm, fuzzy Valentine's Day vibes going, maybe you want to grab your sweetie and head up Highway 52 to spend a night in Minneapolis this weekend.

Because, according to the lovebirds at Instacart, Minneapolis is ranked number five on their list of most romantic cities. The site came up with the results (which they call their 'Romance Index') by looking at several "universally romantic terms" in each city. (Those would be chocolate, strawberries, champagne, flowers and candy, by the way.)

Coming in ahead of Minneapolis on the list were Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle and Boston. (You can see the entire list HERE.)

I'm not doubting their survey, but I think I'd rate St. Paul as more romantic than Minneapolis. The Rice Park area of St. Paul is beautiful, and there are a lot of romantic places to grab a drink or bite to eat these days in St. Paul's Lowertown area.

Of course, I'm probably a bit biased, because Rice Park is where I proposed to my wife one Christmas Eve, when the park was all decked out for the holidays, with a ton of beautiful lights. So, when I think 'romance' in the Twin Cities, I always think of St. Paul, not Minneapolis.

What do you think?

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