There's nothing more irritating than passive aggressive Minnesota Nice notes. But, if you're going to write them, make sure you don't work at a radio station where the DJ's write blogs, do social media and have hundreds of thousands of watts to complain about it.

The Passive Aggressive Note Maker. You know them. The person in the office not content to say, "Hey, do it this way." They have to pretty it up with "nice talk" which makes it soooo much more snarky. Take the note we found today. The morning crews gathered 'round the coffee maker (like lions around the watering hole on the Serengeti) and could not believe what we were reading.

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What bothered us most wasn't being told "turn off the coffee-maker when you take the last cup" it was being told, "turn off the coffee-maker, idiot!". Sure, it doesn't SAY that, it throws a "kindly" in there. Which we all know means, "you idiots!"

I have no idea who the PA note writer is...maybe we'll never know. But it reminds me a note a former co-worker left...

Under it, I wrote, "Don't even bother with saying sky...what else is going to be cloudy/sunny?" The guy took it down, and put up a copy of his original note, adding "Don't write on this!"