One small switch could make a huge change - say goodbye to bottles, and hello to solid shampoo. Have you tried shampoo bars yet? They say that one shampoo bar is the equivalent of THREE medium sized bottles. According to Lush, the brains behind the shampoo bar, there are alternatives to literally every bottle in your shower. Their website says 35 percent of their products are packaging-free - solid conditioners, soaps, scrubs, massage bars and bath oils.

According to Forbes, globally humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute and more than 90% of plastic is NOT recycled. They also say that plastic bottles are commonly made from polyethylene terephthalate (Pet), which take 400 years to naturally decompose. We throw out 552 million shampoo bottles annually, and only one in five people recycle their bottles. Plastic packaging accounts for over 80% of litter found on beaches, and 300 tons of floating debris found in oceans.

Not only are they better for the earth, they are also better for your hair. "These solid inventions are formulated with little to no water, meaning we’re also able to make them without any synthetic preservatives." - Lush.




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