Two of the many things about which Minnesota is famous would be our cold, snowy and icy winters and ice and fishing, right? So it only makes sense that there's a genuine walleye-- the state Minnesota state fish-- frozen in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace. 

The 132nd Annual Saint Paul Winter Carnival kicked off in the state capital last Thursday and runs through February 10th. And, the big Ecolab Ice Palace at Rice Park made its return this year, too-- for the first time since 2004.

And in one of the ice blocks used to construct the palace, there's a frozen walleye. Many people I know posted pictures on social media of themselves with the frozen fish over the weekend, thinking it was just a coincidence. But, organizers say, the walleye's inclusion in the palace was done on purpose.

According to this Star Tribue story, "Ice palace builders placed the fish inside one of the blocks from Green Lake in Spicer, Minn.," the story said, as a nod to the state's official fish.

There was also a walleye placed in the palace back in 2004, too, the story said. And, that one, too, was intentionally added by Winter Carnival volunteers (as was the hockey puck it appeared to be chasing).

So no, that unlucky walleye didn't just happen to be in Green Lake when things froze last fall, only to then wind up cut into a block of ice and end up in St. Paul. It was put there on purpose.

It's still a cool (see what I did there?) story though, isn't it?

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