It was a Salt 'N' Peppa song back in the 90s, 'Let's Talk About Sex'. As uncomfortable as this may be, we are in the midwest where we say 'ope when we 'sneak right past ya', Minnesotans just aren't that into spending ON sex. On average Minnesotans spend 15% less than the national average on adult 'toys'. Let's take a dive into the 'unspoken'.

According to a recent survey by Bespoke Surgical, asking Americans how much they spend on sex products (not contraceptives) it amounted to between $150-250 a year. Whoa!

Our Swed-weigian modest background shows it as Minnesota according to the survey, spends the fifth LEAST on adult toys in the nation. So who is spending the most? Would you believe it is Connecticut? According to the same survey, it found that residents of Connecticut spend roughly 37% more than the national average a year on the aforementioned sex products. O FOR PETE'S SAKE!

What about the state that has the most 'gear'? It's Connecticut again, where almost 79% of those surveyed said that they "purchased fetish gear on an annual basis." On the other end of the spectrum, not a double entendre, the state that buys the fewest would be Pennsylvania, where 40% of those surveyed don't purchase sex toys.

If you want to really dig into the information of the survey, you can head here and see the full list of top-10s.

In the meantime, I will just have to wash my eyelids and brain as a midwesterner who just wrote about the unspoken topic of...well you know.

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