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Dear Rochester Public Schools and all who help make it possible to watch the football games live on YouTube...thank you.

I look forward to every school year and the milestones my kids have but this year, I was super excited as a mom.  My kiddo was finally going to be marching on the field for the first time with the high school band.  All the years of practicing his instrument and numerous band classes in middle school led to this moment and because of COVID-19, I thought I was going to miss it.

I know COVID-19 is the reason for the limit on how many people can be in the stadium, and I'm fine with that.  There are a lot of high school seniors on the field that are playing the game, cheering, or in the band and it is so important for those parents to be there.  I wouldn't want those parents to miss out on any of these special moments.

I'm just glad we live in a time when we can watch live videos on YouTube and social media so those who can't be there in person can still be part of the special moments for our kids.

To everyone that helped make it happen so we could watch the entire high school football game on YouTube, thank you.  Because of you, I got to see my kid play his trombone proudly at the Century High School football field for the first time.

What is one thing you are thankful for during the pandemic?  Let me know!  Send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or DM me on Instagram here.

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