Our reverence of the past often gives us some insight into the present and helps us plan for the future. This Southern Minnesota schoolhouse that is for sale will certainly open up some eyes and might be perfectly suited for you but in a different form. If you are a history buff this one-room schoolhouse that has been listed for sale might just be the thing for you. The listing on Facebook Marketplace shows off what the building currently looks like, and gives a brief history as to how it ended up being for sale, and not on the National Register of Historic Places.

Laura Reichardt Geissler has listed the building for sale on Marketplace, and even gives prospective buyers a little bit of history on the former Stanton school building.

This is your chance to own a piece of Minnesota history. The original one-room schoolhouse that served this town of Stanton, and was built in approximately 1890 needs its next home and next chapter in life. Because this was moved from its original location, it is not eligible for listing on the national register of historic places. But, don’t let this dissuade you from noticing the exceptional beauty and uniqueness of this building. We have spent over 20 years thinking about what to do with this beautiful building. It needs someone to appreciate its architecture and give it a modern renovation. The bones are good. This is old-world lumber that forms the structure. We have kept a roof on it, in fact, we had the roof replaced after a hail storm just last summer. The stamped tinning that lines the walls and ceilings is interesting and beautiful. You would need to move this building to your lot. Serious inquiries only. This would be a cash-only sale. As is.

How cool is that? Let's check out what it looks like inside!

Stanton School For Sale

How awesome does the inside look? I was taken back by how small it was when we think about schools now they are ALL so big! Someone will definitely be happy with this, but it seems like it will have to be the right person to appreciate the history that is still found inside and outside the building.

H/T to my pal Loren for the tip on the schoolhouse listing!

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