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A woman that would NOT wear a mask at a California Panera store is wrong. Just straight up, 100% wrong. And I'm  here with the proof. I'm not going to share the video, but I will tell you about it (new rule of mine, don't share videos of people on their worst days unless you have to, and here, I don't have to).

The woman is in the Panera being recorded by someone with their phone. She is also recording, but she's recording her interaction with staff that won't serve her because she's not wearing a mask. The guy filming interacts with the woman and it gets petty and nasty on both sides.

At one point, the woman says, “You think that mask is going to protect you?...You fart out your ass; you can smell it out of your ass. You think that mask is going to protect you?”

Yes...the mask WILL protect you, just like the jeans protect you from farts that come out of your butt. I wrote about this back in April.

Close up picture of a young woman holding her butt, she needs to poop, outdoor

According to Mental Floss, the question of one's bum-trumpet passing along disease was checked and a study was done where toots were directed at Petri dishes. Some of the air-biscuits were launched with pants, others without (no word on how the booty-belchers were able to perform under lab conditions).

What it all comes down to is the virus was found in the feces of more than half the Covid-19 patients tested. Butt, at least for now...

The deadly coronavirus could be spreading through farts, according to doctors. But farts are unlikely to transmit the virus provided pants are worn. (SOURCE)

USA Today fact-checked the topic and reports that Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation For Infectious Diseases, says that the spread of coronavirus through passing gas has "never been demonstrated" and "it's very unlikely."

In conclusion, wear your pants to hold in the filthy flatulence, wear a mask to contain the covid, and stand 6 feet apart just for good measure. Oh, and be nice to each other. I understand the customers angry reaction to shouty-no-mask-lady, but did they think they were helping or just getting in their licks?

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