If you're planning on parking in downtown Rochester anytime soon, and you leave house without any change, you could be in for a shock when it comes time to pay for your parking.


If you regularly park downtown and use the city's 'Cash Keys' program, you look to be out of luck. According to a post on the city of Rochester's website you aren't able to refill or add any money to an existing Cash Key.

And, according to this Post-Bulletin article, Rochester city officials say the problem is a "software glitch" and that they're working on a patch. But, the story also says, the city hasn't been able to get any new keys since last year.

The Cash Key program's been around since 1996, the story noted, and would allow you to keep adding money to the key which you could then use to pay for parking.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, unless you're parking in a city ramp that takes credit or debit cards (like the First Street, Second Street, Center Street and Civic Center ramps) or along First Avenue south of 4th Street, you might want to bring along a pocket full of change!

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