I will be the first to admit it, I spend a lot of time on Social Media, both for work and for my own personal pleasure. I can get sucked into the "rabbit hole" of interesting and weird stories being shared. This story caught my eye yesterday, it is a great reminder to lock your vehicles at all times.

The Lexington Police Department, in Kentucky, created this video, and shared it to their Facebook page, and it has taken off from there. I actually saw it on the Albert Lea Police Department's Facebook page. This is such a good reminder to not leave valuables in your vehicles and to make sure that they are locked.

It's unfortunate that having your vehicle broken into is a crime of opportunity, and nobody wants to have their stuff stolen. Lock your vehicles and your things won't become "stolen things."

Now, how do we get our local Police and Sheriff's Departments to do videos like this? I would so love to see that!

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