Dolly Parton, Lainey WIlsonUncle Kracker and Toby Keith are four country hitmakers with songs featured in a new mini-documentary that shows how reggae music and country music are both rooted in culture and storytelling.

Positive Vibrations: Country Goes Reggae the album dropped in 2022 (listen here!), but this new 10-minute-long film casts several of the 10 songs between American and Jamaican musicians showing appreciation for the other's well-known style. Viewers watch as a young girl wipes away tears to join the party during a video for a reggae version of Parton's "Two Doors Down."

A warm, familiar beat grows into the rural-themed video for Wilson's "Things a Man Oughta Know." Kracker's "Smile" and Keith's "Red Solo Cup" are also featured, the latter during a scene very familiar to Americans. There's undeniable warmth across the film.

Two reggae producers, Mikey Bennett and Kirk "Koolface" Ford, join country singer Ricky Valido and line dancer Allan Silverman to share stories of how country culture and reggae culture influence one another.

Bennett recalls listening to Marty Robbins, Skeeter Davis and Jim Reeves early in the film, before Valido recounts how deep Bob Marley cuts influenced him.

Silverman — a big fan of Keith, Tyler Childers and more — drives home how important the beat is to his enjoyment of country music.

"Reggae is driven by bass lines," Ford adds, saying similar. "When the melody and everything comes together with the right vocals, it's synergy."

The similarities are striking, but the ease in which these mainstream country radio hits become reggae grooves surpasses expectations. Positive Vibrations: Country Goes Reggae mini-documentary and the official video vignettes are all available today.

Positive Vibrations: Country Goes Reggae
Positive Vibrations: Country Goes Reggae

Positive Vibrations: Country Goes Reggae Track Listing:

1. "Eyes on You (feat. Chase Rice)"
2. "Red Solo Cup (feat. Toby Keith)"
3. "I Like the Sound of That (feat. Rascal Flatts)"
4. "Two Doors Down (feat. Dolly Parton)"
5. "Smile (feat. Uncle Kracker)"
6. "Things a Man Oughta Know (feat. Lainey Wilson)"
7. "Boots On (feat. Randy Houser)"
8. "Pass It on Down (feat. Alabama)"
9. "Ready to Run (feat. Alexandra Kay)"
10. "Save It for a Rainy Day (feat. Landon Parker)"


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