A woman is furious with her sibling for telling her boyfriend the truth about her fake food allergy.

Sharing the situation on Reddit, the sibling explained that, while staying with them during a visit, their sister's boyfriend became concerned about an ingredient they were cooking with.

"On the 6th day of their stay here, her boyfriend had a freak out on me because I was preparing a meal for us and he saw I had food in my kitchen that my sister is 'allergic' to," the sibling wrote via Reddit.

They told the boyfriend that their sister isn't "allergic to anything," exposing her ongoing lie.

"Her boyfriend thought she was. She's told him she has a deadly allergy to a certain food. She went so far as to purchase EpiPens and wear a medical bracelet. She had told him stories about almost dying from accidentally or unknowingly eating this food when we were kids," they continued.

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"She hates [the food] but she isn't allergic and to me there is a big difference. If there was even a chance my sister was allergic I wouldn't have it in my kitchen," the sibling added.

Their sister was angry that they told the truth to her boyfriend.

"Now she's furious at me. Note that I had the food item she hates in my kitchen because I like it but I wasn't putting it in any meal for my sister because I know she hates it. I'm not removing my food from the house just because she hates it though," they recalled.

After exposing her secret, the siblings got into an argument, and she and her boyfriend also got into a fight, making the last days of their trip "awkward."

"From what I got from my sister, she started telling everyone she was allergic when she went to university so she wouldn't have to eat it," they explained, adding their sister told them they should "have gone along with her lie and not told her boyfriend the truth."

Users in the comments section blasted the sister.

"Faking an allergy is VERY dangerous. because if she fakes a reaction, she's going to get a shot, which is going to result in a trip to the ER. She needs to grow up and own up," one person wrote.

"The difference between 'hating' and 'allergic' is huge actually, one you don't like and the other kills you and bankrupts you with medical debt. It's also a HUGE lie, because casually saying you're allergic one time is different from intentionally deceiving your serious [boyfriend] to the point of buying fake medical equipment to keep up the lie. be an adult and say you don't like it !! It's a huge breach of trust and a crazy thing to do, you were right to tell him the truth. your sister is just mad she got caught being a red flag," another commented.

"I'm glad you told him because who knows what would have happened if this lie had continued. Also, clearly the sister does not know what consequences are as this lie could have snowballed into something worse like the boyfriend brought her into a hospital and once the truth came out not only did it waste everyone's time but also money," someone else weighed in.

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