Something that everyone is talking about lately is the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many folks including professional sports are starting to take precautions to make sure that everyone stays healthy. Last week we learned that the Minnesota Twins weren't letting their players have physical contact with their fans at spring training camp. Professional teams across the country are starting to do that as well.

Bring Me The News claims, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, and the National Hockey League have put out a joint statement saying they will be temporarily limited access to locker rooms. The only folks that are allowed in there are players and staff that are essential to the team's performance. This Tweet was put out explaining what the official's thoughts were.

Media outlets will still have access to players for interviews in designated areas outside the locker room and clubhouse. The Tweet says that they are hoping by putting these rules into effect, it'll help control the spread of the virus. According to Bring Me The News, there are no plans to ban fans from games or postpone any games as of now. From the sounds of it, the leagues are going to see how things play out before officially lifting the ban.

So long story short, this ban really only impacts the media, but it does show that the professional sports world isn't taking the spread of the Cornonavius lightly.

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