Many of us are HUGE animal lovers and would do anything to save an animal. I am one of those folks! One of my long term goals is to open an animal rescue one day because I want to save as many aminals as I possibly can... big or small. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a kid or an animal being miss treated.

A proposed Minnesota law may help make this happen.  The City Pages claim that there is a new proposed law that would make it illegal for pet stores to sell dogs and cats. Many of the dogs and cats at pet stores come from mills. These are mass breeding facilities that often don't properly take care of the animals. One of my friends from 4-H is a vet and he said that nine out of ten times if an animal came from a pet store, they have a lot of issues because of the conditions of the breeding facilities.

According to the article, Senator Karla Bigham and Representative Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn have teamed up on this proposed law. If the law was to pass, you would be able to buy puppies and kittens from reputable breeders as well as adopt from shelters and other rescue organizations, but not pet stores. The hope is by doing this, the puppy mills and kitten mills will take a hit when it comes to profit and drive them out.

The article did not state if the laws were to pass when it would go into effect, but it did mention there are a lot of rescue organizations that are in support of this proposed law.

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