A bizarre season filled with ups and downs ended with...well more of the same!  The team won it's 8th game to finish at .500 (UP) and protestors hung from the ceiling of US Bank Stadium (DOWN).

While the Vikings struggled the last few months, so did many Americans with the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Many have seen this as an opportunity to increase our country's natural resources and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.  At the same time, many (including the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota) has seen this as a threat to the environment and the well being of the tribe's sacred ground.

During the second quarter of the Vikings victory, two protestors rappelled from a banner hundreds of feet in the air.  It read "us bank DIVEST #NoDAPL.  Play was not halted, while spectators in the seats below were moved out.  One of the protestors wore a Vikings Jersey with Brett Favre's name and number on the back.  See photos below.

The protestors have been identified as Sen Holliday and Karl Zimmerman.  Minneapolis Police and Fire officials worked together to keep fans and Karl and Sen safe.  The 2 men released a statement:


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