Not often am I lucky enough to be able to catch a 'generational talent' on back-to-back nights LIVE in concert. That was the case this past week with two Chris Stapleton performances in Duluth, MN & Prairie du Chien, WI at Country On The River, Thursday & Friday evening.


The Thursday evening show was the more intimate of the two. I'll keep it brief with the Set List and a few footnotes to try encapsulate the vibe that filled the sold-out Amsoil (hockey) Arena, part of the Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center.

In addition, enjoy the fan recorded 10+ min video below during the sung Band Intro segment leading into 'Tennessee Whiskey' from the 2x platinum Traveller album. Also, some photo's I was able to grab during the show. The crowd in Duluth was jaw-drop AMAZING, and will be hard to top. This night was my 1st Chris Stapleton show.....a show that will be hard to top in my book!

Tennessee Whiskey
Duluth, MN 8/3/17



Aug 3 2017 Chris Stapleton Setlist
at Amsoil Arena, Duluth, MN


1. Might As Well Get Stoned
(smoke machines blasting)

2. Nobody to Blame
("looks like you're ready to party")

3. Broken Halos

4. Midnight Train To Memphis
(gnarly, dirty guitar )

("here's something for the hillbillies")
5. Hard Living

("now, here's something for the hippies" & hillbillies, too!)
6. Them Stems

("if you don't mind, here's a new song")
7. Trying To Untangle My Mind

8. I Was Wrong
(extended w/ more gnarly, dirty guitar)

9. Whiskey and You

More of You
(a pleasant surprise for me)

10. Parachute
(one of the show-stoppers....THUNDEROUS applause!)

11. Outlaw State of Mind
(LONG, extended guitar-jam that was jam band-esque and soaked in blues)

12. Death Row
(haunting & riveting)

13. Tuesday's Gone

14. The Devil Named Music
(another of the show-stoppers...more THUNDEROUS applause & Thank You's)

15. Traveller

16. Fire Away
(show stopper #3, including a "lets do the chorus again" plea from the man)

17. Second One to Know
(head-bangingly good: shredsville)

18. Band Into + Tennessee Whiskey
(with sung band INTRO laced w/ humor, respect & FUN!)

NOTE: at least 3 times during the main set the applause was so lengthy and thunderous he had to stop, stand there, and soak it all in, always humbly extending multiple Thank You's.



19. Either Way
(heart wrenching & beautiful)

20. When the Stars Come Out
(name drops Semisonic/Dan Wilson of Mpls)

21. Sometimes I Cry
(an emotional upheaval of song)

Show Duration: (2 hours - 10min)

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