There is a popular, and huge, quilt shop located just west of the Twin Cities in Hutchinson called Quilt Haven on Main. If you are an avid quilter you have probably heard of this place before. Or if you read Better Homes and Gardens you have probably heard of it too because Quilt Haven was featured in a 2017 issue.

Quilt Haven on Main was featured in the quilt sampler issue of Better Homes and Gardens in 2017. It is not too difficult to understand why they were featured. The place is massive!

Inside Quilt Haven are all of the things you need to start quilting like patterns, threads, and batting, plus many other tools you many need, according to Only in Your State. They also sell loads and loads of material so you can create any type of quilt your heart desires. Or you could make something other than a quilt with the materials too, it is totally up to you!

If you are not a quilter, like me, I have never quilted in my life, then the already completed quilts are probably for you. I don't know this for a fact but I believe you can request certain fabrics for a quilt if you would like. Don't quote me on that though.

If you are not a quilter but you want to learn, they offer classes on the second level of their store. That way you can learn how to quilt or you could really perfect your quilting skills at one of these classes.

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