Back in September, RaeLynn—who often posts about her pets—gave the sad news that her beloved German Shepherd Jazz died due to complications from cancer. The dog was trained to monitor the effects of diabetes, alerting RaeLynn to her sugar levels and alert her if they become dangerous.

That said, the singer now has new joy in her life. She's adopted a new pup, a very handsome Shepherd named Cash, whom she says reminds her of her lost companion. "He’s perfect and reminds me so much of Jazz," she enthused in an Instagram post showing off her new pet, who will be "coming home in a couple days."

There's no word yet on whether Cash is trained as a service animal, but he's certainly a handsome dog with a glossy black coat and a gentle expression.

He does have some serious "paws" to fill, as RaeLynn truly loved his predecessor, stating, "I’ve never felt so loved or protected by an animal in my life. When josh was gone Jazz’s presence always made me feel ok and protected. I’m gonna miss his kisses, sleeping by me at airports, walking with him and josh, getting woken up by him and Dolly, I’m gonna miss him never leaving my sight when he was with me but most of all I’m gonna miss his sweet heart and presence."

Raelynn wrapped a series of dates with Maren Morris in the spring.

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