One of the great slogans in southeast Minnesota is about to put out to pasture.


That's right, the classic slogan (or "brand platform" as those in the industry call it) of "Rah Rah Rochester: More Than You Know" is set to be discontinued later this year. The Rochester Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Mayo Civic Center and the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission are engaging in a "brand reboot," and are currently in the process of coming up with a new slogan-- I mean, "brand platform," to represent our fair city to visitors.

According to this Post-Bulletin story, the "Rah Rah Rochester" slogan-- I mean, "brand platform"-- was created by the Milwaukee advertising agency, Ellingsen Brady Advertising back in 2006.

A firm out of Boston, Fuseideas, has been hired to come up with the new slogan-- er, "brand platform." Which seems a little odd to me. We have to head to Boston to get people who can come up with a catchy slogan for the Med City? We don't have anybody local who's up to the task? (The story also notes that same frustration by some local firms who wondered the same thing.)

I still enjoy saying "Rah Rah Rochester," so I'll be sad to see it go. And interestingly enough, that slogan-- I mean, "brand platform"-- is similar to the slogan used by Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire, Wis. when I lived there. Their slogan used to "Oh Oh Oakwood."  But I think they've dropped that one now, too.

Any thoughts on what would be a good replacement?


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