Did you get the chance to go to the Rock 'n' Roll-themed McDonald's in Owatonna, Minnesota before the place got remodeled? I didn't know this place existed until I read about it a few days ago! I'm sad I didn't get to go before it went away because that would have been cool to see in person.

Where Was This Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's?

I never knew to stop at this Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's because the outside looks nothing like it does on the inside. The outside looks like every other McDonald's but when you went inside it was anything but a typical McDonald's. The McDonald's is located at 1105 W Frontage Rd. in Owatonna. The McDonald's is still there, but it's not Rock 'n' Roll themed anymore.

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When Did it Get Remodeled?

According to RoadsideAmerica.com the McDonald's got remodeled in 2018, so just a few years ago. I didn't find any official statement as to why they were doing away with the Rock 'n' Roll theme but I'd guess they just decided it was time for a refresh. It makes me sad though because all McDonald's look the same, why not leave the fun theme and spruce it up a little?

So What Was at this Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's?

Based on what I've seen online from a YouTube video I watched and RoadsideAmerica.com, they all kinds of '50s themed items. There were glass cases with memorabilia, life-size statues of the Blues Brothers, a small Elvis statue, a painting of The Beatles, a table shaped like a Coke, a table shaped like a guitar, a table with booth seating that was like you were sitting in a classic car. It looks so cool! Check out a video of the place that I found on YouTube. (Here's the YouTube channel I found it on: Explore Abandoned Places with TattooTonyAlton)

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