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A recent episode of the long-running HGTV series 'House Hunters' just featured another Minnesota couple, and the episode is streaming right now.

Are you as addicted to HGTV as my wife and I are? Thanks to Discovery+ , we're able to watch a lot of HGTV shows-- some of which were filmed right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. 

Like Nicole Curtis and her series 'Rehab Addict,' where some seasons were shot on location in and around Minneapolis. Then there was also the short-lived series 'Stay or Sell,' which featured fellow Minnesotan's Brad and Heather Fox, whose firm, Fox Homes, is also based in Minneapolis. (BTW, they recently sold their incredible home in Edina, check out the pics below!)

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And don't forget the newer 'Renovation 911' which features Twin Cities-based sisters Lindsey Uselding and Kirsten Meehan. And now, another Minnesota episode of the long-running show 'House Hunters' just made its national debut.

Or should I say, 'international debut?' That's because this Minnesota couple's move from Owatonna, Minnesota all the way to Geneva, Switzerland was just showcased on the show 'House Hunters International.'

Specifically, the episode is House Hunters International Season 185 Episode 4 titled 'Big Promotion Brings Minnesotans to French Genevois.' Here's the show's recap, courtesy of HGTV:

A Minnesota man receives a job promotion in Geneva, but he and his wife have decided to look for a home in neighboring France. They're looking for a place near amenities, but their need for a big yard for their two dogs may take them off the beaten path.

We just watched the episode, which premiered on HGTV on May 25th, over the weekend. And it shows some cool shots of downtown Owatonna and their house in Steele County while explaining why these Minnesotans are making the move to Europe. And, don't worry, I won't ruin the ending by telling you which house they ended up choosing,  If you missed it, it's streaming right now on Discovery+.

Earlier this spring, Minnesota was ALSO featured on the regular, domestic version of House Hunters, as well, telling the story of Nicole Perez of Virginia, Minnesota, and her home-buying journey. You'll find it on House Hunters Season 229 Episode 2, titled 'From Homeless to Homebuyer in Minnesota.'

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