Minnesotans can't seem to get enough of those home-selling and home renovation shows on HGTV. But the HGTV show most popular here in Minnesota might not be the one you're thinking it is.

If you're like my wife and me, you're ADDICTED to HGTV. We watch a TON of those shows that we've either recorded or found On-Demand. In fact, we usually watch episode of the always-popular House Hunters while we're eating dinner.

And, there are a LOT of HGTV shows that follow that familiar pattern: A couple or family searches for a new home and is given three or four houses from which to choose. Which one will they pick?!? It's addicting, probably because it's something we've all gone through.

It's even better if the particular episode happened to be filmed here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. There have been numerous episodes that have featured homes in various parts of the Twin Cities, as well as St. Cloud and Rochester. It's always kind of fun to see if you recognize any of the streets or landmarks they use in the show.


But out of all those HGTV shows, which one is most popular here in the North Star State? Well, that's the question the gang over at Michigan Bulb Company, a gardening company, set out to answer. They gathered data from Google Trends to determine the top searched HGTV shows in every state.

So, which HGTV show IS tops here in the Bold North? Well, according to their survey, it's... Bahamas Life. Really? Bahamas Life? Not House Hunters, Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, Home Town, Beachfront Bargain Hunt or even Chip and Joanna's Fixer Upper?

I may have watched a few episodes of Bahamas Life, but the title sure isn't as familiar to me as most other shows. Maybe it's popular here because we like to dream about having a home in the Caribbean while we're buried in the cold and show of another Minnesota winter.

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While Bahamas Life is popular here, it's not the most popular nationwide. That honor goes to Chip and Joanna Gaines and their show, Fixer Upper, which was also the number-one show in eight other states. Over in my home state of Wisconsin, the Cheeseheads like Tiny House Hunters the most, while down in Iowa, they're big fans of Christina on the Coast. (You can see which HGTV show is most popular in each state HERE.)

And, speaking of HGTV shows, keep scrolling to check out this amazing house here in Minnesota that the stars of the show Stay Or Sell put on the market a few years ago.

Courtesy Michigan Bulb Company
Courtesy Michigan Bulb Company

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