Minnesota should be called the land of 10,000 fabulous small towns. I know there aren't that many small towns, but there definitely are lots of wonderful little cities throughout the state. Which is the most charming of them all?

HGTV recently did a little digging to find what they're calling "the best kept secrets in each state." I was born and raised in Minnesota and have never actually been to the town that they pegged the most charming here.

Small towns have a certain magic don't they? From their distinctive character to the simplicity to the warmth of their people, they embody the essence of American life.

Ironically, I just wrote an article similar to this - the coolest small city in Minnesota. I guessed Stillwater, Lake City, or Lanesboro. MSN's pick for the coolest small town was actually Grand Marais. So, what's HGTV's pick for the most charming town in Minnesota?

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Decorah was named the most charming town in Iowa. Fish Creek took the crown for Wisconsin. And in Minnesota, it's Park Rapids.

WOW! That is an incredible view. Park Rapids is a gateway to the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park, so no surprise, there are a ton of resorts in the area and lots of amazing outdoor activities, but what about the town itself?

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HGTV says, "go ahead, park in the middle of Main Avenue in Park Rapids. The shops and restaurants here are so popular, the town built extra-wide streets. Pick up some buttery caramels at Aunt Belle's Confectionary, browse the craft and quilt stores, or shop for cabin decor and other items."

Google Maps
Google Maps

It looks adorable! Have you been? I went to their website to learn more about the small town and this is how it was described:

Welcome to Park Rapids, MN, a city whose true heart is the heart of its people. Year in and year out, hundreds of volunteers are regularly involved in every level of keeping our community active, thriving, and inviting. It is a unique environment, and we think you will feel welcome right away. You will find an intriguing parade of charming contradictions here. For example, on one hand, everything feels like a step back in time. On the other hand, any technological convenience or amenity you need for business or recreation is available, including the state's fifth busiest jet airport. Although our population numbers just over 4,000, we count twenty doctors and eight dentists among them. We work hard. We enjoy life. And, our diverse backgrounds and common goals make Park Rapids what it is today, a place where you can come as you are... and be who you are. - Park Rapids Website.

Do you agree that it's the most charming town in Minnesota? After watching videos and seeing pictures of the town, I know I want to take the road trip up there. Click in to see all of the most charming cities across the country.

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