Where is your favorite spot in all of Minnesota? Me, I'm a sucker for Stillwater. I love being on the water and the town is super cute with fun breweries, boutiques, and ice cream shops. It's a great city, but not the coolest spot in Minnesota.

The coolest small city is on one of America's most scenic drives and home to less than 2,000 people!

The list of the coolest small cities across America was recently released by MSN. These often-overlooked small towns offer a captivating blend of rich history and old-time charm alongside contemporary arts, delicious food, and vibrant culture.

Iowa's coolest small city is Grinnell!

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Google Maps

Grinnell blends Midwestern charm with college-town progressiveness, according to MSN. Its downtown is highly walkable and features the Louis Sullivan Jewel Box Bank, a national historic landmark designed by the “father of the skyscraper,” now serving as Grinnell's visitor center.

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Whether you're sipping Chardonnay at a wine bar or dining at a local diner, you'll find the same friendly faces everywhere you go.

Wisconsin's coolest small city is Lake Geneva.


In the 1800s, this charming town was a resort haven for the wealthy. Many of its mansions still stand and can be admired along the Lake Geneva Shore Path or on a guided boat tour.

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The town offers a world-class golf resort, top-notch restaurants, a luxury spa, and numerous recreation options. Plus, the Geneva Inn is celebrated as one of America's best waterfront hotels, according to MSN.

And finally, Picturesque Town Now Officially Minnesota's Coolest Small City.


Grand Marais, "a must-see on the North Shore, offers some of the state’s best pizza and a variety of cool ethnic eateries downtown" - MSN. Check out the local breweries or treat yourself to ice cream and doughnuts.

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