It happened right here in Rochester but made headlines pretty much all over the world. And it all went down three years ago already!


It doesn't seem like it was three years ago that KIMT reporter Adam Sallet was broadcasting live at the site of a recent bank robbery when he inadvertently BECAME the story, after the same bank robber hit the same bank-- while Adam was live on the air.

It all went down at the Sterling State Bank, on Bandel Road just off 55th Street in northwest Rochester on December 15th, 2015. While Adam was doing a live shot for that day's newscast on KIMT, an employee of the bank came running out from behind Adam, saying that the robber was back-- and had just robbed the same bank again.

Well, that kind of thing doesn't happen too often when you're in broadcasting, so of course, news outlets all over the country picked up the story. And, of course, thanks to some deft detective work by our local police, they did finally catch that now-infamous robber, who robbed the same bank twice, live on the air (even though he actually never appeared in the video).

This Post-Bulletin story says the robber is now serving a nearly 10-year prison sentence for robbing that bank-- twice. And, Adam has moved on in his career, and now works as a reporter for KJRH-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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