Sunday's anti-climatic tie game between the Vikings and the Packers left both teams-- and most of their fans-- frustrated. But do you remember the last time the two teams played to a tie game?

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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You don't have to go back all that far actually to find just the second time in the Minnesota/Wisconsin NFL border battle rivalry to find the last time nobody won the game when Minnesota and Green Bay teed it up.

In fact, it was just 5 years ago, during the 2013 season, that the two teams also tied. Yep, according to this list of NFL tie games, on November 24th, 2013, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, the game ended in a 26-26 tie after both teams scored a field goal using the 'new' overtime rules and time expired.

Before that, there was only one other time a Vikings/Packers game ended in a tie game-- and that was waaay back on November 26th, 1978-- also at Lambeau Field-- when the game ended in a 10-10 tie.

While most fans I saw online yesterday weren't happy with the tie results, I actually didn't mind it all that much. That's because, as the NFL sees it, a tie IS better than a loss, at least when it comes to how the NFL computes team winning percentages.

Statistically speaking, a tie is considered half a win (and half a loss), so a tie game could still work in your team's favor when determining things like home-field advantage for playoff games. (Winning percentage is the second tie-breaker the NFL uses, right behind the teams' head-to-head record.)

Now, in this case, seeing as this was a big NFC North division game, it might still be a draw if both the Vikings and the Packers are tied heading into the playoffs. And it still seems odd to not have a winning and a losing team though, doesn't it?

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