We heard about this awesome Easter idea not too long ago, and it looks like it literally paid off!

Remember when Great Harvest Bread Co. was selling "honey bunnies" (bunnies made of bread) and some proceeds were going to PCHS Rochester?

Ofcourse, they were the kind of bunnies it's okay to buy this time of year. Check out this update! It's fantastic news! With everything else you can read on your Facebook newsfeed, I never get tired of reading posts or updates like this.

Not only was it a pretty adorable idea, but it looks like the pups at the shelter will appreciate it too! I hope we'll see more amazing opportunities like this in Rochester, and hope it comes back next year.

Did you stop by and get a "bunny" this Easter? We'll keep you posted if we find out what new items will be at the shelter thanks to this generous donation!

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