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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  The Rochester School Board is being asked to approve a cooperative agreement involving a high school hockey team.

It’s not a girls’ team.

It’s the John Marshall boys team that has a legacy dating back decades.

John Marshall High School sign
Sue Moore/Townsquare Media


The reason? Not enough players.

The recommendation that is scheduled to be voted on at Tuesday’s board meeting calls for a two-year agreement between John Marshall and Chatfield High School.

The memo says:

“Currently, John Marshall has approximately 11-14 players for boys’ hockey. Based on current participation numbers, the Rochester Public Schools Activities Directors are recommending a new cooperative agreement between John Marshall and Chatfield.”

The agreement would begin this year for grades 7-12. The memo indicates the plan is supported by the Big Nine Conference.

Chatfield has never had a boys’ high school hockey team.

John Marshall has a history that includes a legendary state tournament win in 1977 and large numbers of players that moved on to the college level. Two well-known players made it to the pros, Shjon Podein who graduated from JM in 1986 and Doug Zmolek, a 1989 grad.


Vintage Minnesota Hockey
Vintage Minnesota Hockey
RPS Board document
RPS Board document


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