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What ever happened to the Golden Rule? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Am I right?

Sadly, someone is going out of their way to harass a small business. Posting negative comments (5 in the past month) on their Facebook page and now a Google review. That's a new low...


Popus, the newest gourmet popcorn place in downtown Rochester took to their Facebook page to share the review.

Popus Facebook
Popus Facebook

Really? Why? These kind of reviews erk me. As a business owner myself, an unwarranted negative review is just down right mean and it hurts. Because I'm not a bully myself, I've removed her name from all the posts. The review itself is poopy enough, but check out Popus' post about the review:

We feel it’s important to address a situation concerning repeated negative comments and reviews from (reviewer's name) on our Facebook page and other online platforms. Despite these comments, we have no record of her visiting our store.

While we deeply value honest feedback and constructive criticism, it is crucial for our community to base opinions on personal experiences. We are committed to providing exceptional gourmet popcorn and believe in the integrity of our service and products.

We also want to express our support for Carroll’s corn, another valued member of our local business community. We both strive to offer quality products and enhance the local flavor of our town.

Together we make our community stronger!


They then turned this negative into a positive in the best way!! Check it out:

Mad props to them!! And they did get quite a few new reviews, deservedly so. Plus, adding a shout out to Carroll's Corn as well - what a stand up dude.

Have you been? Popus is freakishly tasty. They have so many fun flavors, the customer service is FABULOUS, and the owner is amazingly friendly, welcoming, and beyond passionate.

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We are lucky to have two stellar gourmet popcorn businesses in town and we don't want to see either of them go anywhere. Go grab some popcorn today from Popus and Carroll's OR head to their Google page and give them a good review.

This is your daily reminder to just be kind.

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