Partial Government Shutdown Continues As Congress And President Fail To Reach Deal
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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -The partial federal government shutdown is directly affecting a member of the Rochester City Council.

Second ward representative Michael Wojcik’s wife Lisa is among the thousands who won’t receive their next paycheck. Wojcik says his wife’s next scheduled payday is Monday. His wife has worked as a computer scientist at the Federal Medical Center for 15 years. He says even if the shutdown were to end soon, it will likely take some time for affected workers to receive their back pay.

Michael Wojcik


Wojcik says he is also concerned about the impact the shutdown may have on some local programs and services that receive federal funding.

Here is Wojcik’s Facebook post on the situation:

My wife like hundreds of others in our community is working (or out of work) without pay. Fortunately, I also have a small business and a little income from the City. We have seen this happen a number of times so we try to be prepared. There are far more families who are not in a position of privilege to be able to weather this.

The "politics of stupid" in Washington DC has real victims and it sucks. I strongly support what the Democrats are doing. Democrats and some responsible Republicans have passed no-nonsense bills to refund the government and are leaving controversial policies for a different battle. That is the right thing to do.

Treating dedicated civil servants with respect has absolutely nothing to do with a border wall. It is the President and his supporters who have decided that human carnage is an acceptable way to force through unrelated policies.

Pass the Democrats' clean funding bills. Deal with separate issues separately.

Call Jim Hagedorn and ask him to support clean funding bills: (202) 225-2472.

Thank you to Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith who are insisting that the Senate pass the clean funding bills prior to taking up other business.

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