Today on Spotted in Rochester, I found a post from Gabbi Morse that intrigued me. She shared pictures like the one above, where fire hydrants were covered in plastic.

I had a few guesses in my head, and without revealing the 12-year-old me guesses, I'll say my adult guesses were along the same But why? Doesn't the paint and design protect them?

I reached out to Jenna Bowman, Strategic Communications & Engagement Director for the City of Rochester, Minnesota. She asked around and found the answer...

Gabbi Morse
Gabbi Morse

In areas with high traffic and heavy salt treatment, clear plastic covers will placed over fire hydrants. This is being done in conjunction with RPU to help reduce the effects of corrosion on hydrants and keep them in service longer.

The covers are able to be torn or cut if/when there is a need to access them. Orange covers should be being used to indicate hydrants that are out of service.

And there you go. It IS for protection...and I'm all for prolonging the life of things that keep us safe and sound.

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